At the end of 2013, into the beginning of 2014, a few friends joined to together to start playing Dota on a decently competitive level for the first season of the joinDota League. Having mild success and securing a spot in division 4 for the next season, team "Falling With Style" pushed forward to start climbing the ranks. Most every season brought some form of change, from position swaps to roster changes. Season 4 saw what was almost a disband of the entire squad, but after a last second roster addition, Falling With Style was reborn as Mastodon.

Mastodon eSports is on its second incarnation of the squad, bringing back Sandip "OmniPotentTheIV" Patel from the original Falling With Style squad. With him he brings the new recruits: Jerster, Shirumia, will4zoo, and Vmox.

As always, we set our sights on growth: individually, as a team, and as brand.